jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

Video referencia: Zachary Lieberman


Zachary Lieberman y Golán Levín

Software que traduce los trazos corporales de un individuo en dibujo orgánico en tiempo real

Instalación y performance donde el trazo dibujado se manipula como objeto independiente de la superficie bidimensional.

5-12 April 2004

An eight-day intensive in choreographing relations between bodies, spaces, and electronic and digital media materials; aiming to make fruitful use of these materials both as objects and media in dialogue with movement.

This lab began with the simple but considered use of live video camera, performer and video monitor and evolved over the eight days to eventually integrate projectors, real time and pre-recorded media content, mulitiple images on stage and various software tools (Isadora and Eyesweb).

The main criteria for participation was a strong artistic practice, and curiosity about, but perhaps little or no experience with the use of electronic and digital media. A 'non-specialist' approach to the media tools and equipment was key to the aims of this lab, although there was the opportunity to develop a level of skill in the use of selected software.

http://www.sdela.dds.nl/ipl/morepics.html Más fotos

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